Digital Marketing, Strategy, and Design.

About our agency.


At Farmdog, we provide an array of both marketing and creative services, each geared to accomplish our clients’ needs. From logo design to revenue optimization, each single service we offer garners the same amount of attention and professionalism as its counterpart.

Branding & Logos

Your identity represents your most important commodity… your brand. It is literally the face of your franchise. For, in most cases, this will be the first visual impression you make on a potential client. So, why not make it a lasting one? A brand must also be consistent across all media, devices and materials, delivering a cohesive message. This is where we come in. Our creative team is dying to make you look sexy.

Web Design

Much like a logo, your website must make a good first impression on the user. There's about a 3 second window to really capture the users' attention. A great website goes further by engaging the user to interact throughout the site. At Farmdog, we are expert technologists who understand the importance of the users' experience. Is your message clear? Is the navigation fluid? Does the site work on multiple devices?


For many companies, showing up near the top of Google’s organic listings is still their top revenue driver. For others, it could be. At Farmdog, we never use black hat techniques that usually result in long-lasting penalties from search engines. We believe that Google simply wants to know what the most relevant sites are for specific search terms. We make sure your website is what the search engines are trying to find.

Paid Search

With over 10 years of paid search experience, Farmdog can kick start your marketing efforts by buying strategic ads on a search engine results page. We work to ensure that the campaign meets your goals by making sure your messaging is clear, your landing pages convert, and your traffic is profitable.

Social Media

Social media is an ever-changing marketing tool. It can be used as a home to conversations about your industry and brand. It can also be used as a CRM tool, to keep your brand top of mind with consumers. At Farmdog, we ensure that we will keep your brand current with the evolving social media landscape.

Conversion Optimization

Most marketers are focused on spending marketing dollars to drive traffic to their site. On average, for every $96 dollars spent on driving consumers to the site, marketers only spend $1 converting the consumer into a customer. At Farmdog, we believe in evening out that ratio to drive the maximum amount of revenue for our customers.