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About our agency.

The Farmdog Mission

The agency model is evolving. Some agencies do a great job. They are smart, committed to the best interests of their client, and flexible. Others aren't. For a client, it can sometimes be tough to tell the difference.

At Farmdog, we've set out to fix this problem with unparalleled transparency…


Our interests are aligned.

We work with you to determine the most appropriate fee structure to ensure that your success is tied to Farmdog's success.


The people that sell to you also work on your project.

Other agencies use experienced salesmen and then kick down the actual work to more inexperienced colleagues. In some cases, the actual work is even outsourced! At Farmdog, the person you deal with is always the person leading your project.


We work within your budget.

Top agencies won’t even look at your project if it does not meet their reservation price. At Farmdog, we provide experienced talent and work within your budget.